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Congratulations to Lucas Urgoiti and Ryan Urban

Thu Dec. 2nd, 2021 News and Media

Lucas Urgoiti and Ryan Urban were elected to the 2022 Project Youth OCBF Associate Board.  Erica Sorosky was also elected to the Board of Directors.  Lucas and Erica are photographed here with current Board Member, Dennis Ghan.  

Project Youth OCBF’s work centers on using education and empowerment to elevate the behavior, goals, and potential of the youth and families it serves.  With over 50 years of making a difference in the community, it is clear that Project Youth OCBF works. Countless Orange County kids have experienced a positive impact in their own lives.  Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.  They will shape the future and Project Youth OCBF’s programs will help them. Palmieri Tyler is honored to be a sponsor of Project Youth OCBF for more than 20 years.