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Tue Jun. 21st, 2016 News and Media

Michael Leifer talks to Luke Money of the Daily Pilot regarding a lawsuit brought by Koll-Irvine Community Association concerning Airway Commerce Center against the City of Costa Mesa and various other alleged real parties in interest concerning violations of the Association’s property rights. 

“The business park is a shared-use ownership; the association owns the common area and all of the businesses have to share the parking area and the common area,” said Michael Leifer, a partner with the Irvine-based firm Palmieri Tyler who is representing the association. “And what appears to be happening is that the city’s approval purports to give the religious center rights that are different and potentially superior to rights of other businesses in the park.”

Essentially, Leifer said Friday, the city is “purporting to be the referee, umpire, arbitrator of a division of a shared property right that it doesn’t have the power to do.”

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