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How McDonald’s, KFC, and Others Can Recover From Chinese Food Scandal

Tue Jul. 22nd, 2014 News and Media

Franchise attorney Candice Lee was quoted in a July 22 story in International Business Times regarding how food companies like McDonald’s and KFC can recover from the Chinese food scandal.

As the scope of China’s latest scandal broadens amid reports Starbucks, Burger King, Papa John’s and IKEA all bought meat from a poultry firm shut down for food safety violations, experts say the implicated companies need to take meaningful steps to strengthen their food safety policies and communicate to consumers about how they plan to protect them.

“The first thing the implicated companies need to do in order to recover from this current scandal is to launch a public relations campaign aimed at reassuring consumers,” said Lee.

“They need to show that they’re looking for a replacement supplier or they’re using a supplier from another country or are investigating the supplier, to make sure that they are going through the due diligence of ensuring that they find a supplier that will be up to their standards going forward,” Lee said. “Something to put the consumers’ minds at ease that they’re not going to use the tainted product and to ensure that this is not going to happen again.”  Candice Lee is the lead attorney of Palmieri Tyler’s Franchising, Distribution and Licensing practice area.  For the full story, visit