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California passed another lactation accommodation bill to expand the requirements beyond the 2018 bill.  Currently, employers must provide a location other than a bathroom for lactation accommodation.  SB 142, modeled after San Francisco’s lactation accommodation ordinance, creates expanded accommodation requirements for employers. Specifically, a lactation room must be close to the employee’s work area, shielded from… Read More »

Independent Contractor or Employee?

According to the California Court of Appeal in Linton v. DeSoto Cab Co. Inc., Calif. Ct. App., No. A146162 (Oct. 5, 2017), a California trial court applied the wrong legal standards and therefore erred in concluding that a cab driver was an independent contractor rather than an employee. The trial court had ruled in favor… Read More »

New Limits to Employee Coverage Under an Employer’s CGL

Norman Rodich, a partner in the business litigation practice group, wrote an article for the Daily Journal’s Insurance supplement published on November 12th about Baek v. Continental Casualty Company. The case stemmed from a massage therapist’s alleged sexual assault of a client during a massage. The court determined that the therapist was not covered under… Read More »