Charitable giving as part of estate planning is a vital asset for non-profit companies and religious organizations alike. It is through these generous donations from everyday people that keep these organizations running. As you go through the process of planning your estate, you may want to consider how you might incorporate charitable giving into your will or estate plan. While open conversations with your family can help them understand your intentions, the only way to ensure certain donations are fulfilled after your death is to create a written plan. It's important to detail how much you want to donate and to whom. The charitable giving estate planning attorneys at Palmieri Tyler are here to help you through that process.

Many of our estate planning attorneys assisting their clients often incorporate charitable giving into their estate planning and asset transfer plans. Carefully planned asset transfers combined with an element of charitable giving frequently result in situations where both the client and selected charity achieve very desirable results. Techniques include the use of charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and other gifting strategies. The estate planning attorneys at Palmieri Tyler in Orange County have the expertise to ensure that your charitable giving is handled in accordance with your wishes.

Besides providing for your community and non-profit organizations, charitable giving estate planning can provide additional benefits to your estate and your family. When you include charitable giving in your estate plan, you may:

  • Decrease estate tax liabilities
  • Retain some of the benefits of holding assets

There are several ways to incorporate charitable giving into your estate plan. But it's important to take the steps to make sure the funds go where you intend and protect your estate. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you understand your options. To learn more about charitable giving or to start the estate planning process, contact a charitable trusts qualified attorney at Palmieri Tyler to schedule an appointment.