At Palmieri Tyler, our knowledgeable attorneys are equipped to provide full service estate plans customized to meet our clients’ wishes, including assistance in planning for the effective and efficient transfer of property and in preparing documents, such as wills and trusts, to put the estate plan into effect.

Turn to our highly experienced team of attorneys in Orange County for your essential estate planning services and needs. At Palmieri Tyler we recognize that there are a wide variety of individuals and families that can benefit from an estate plan. You don’t need to be rich to need a general road-map of how your estate will be structured.  In fact, it is beneficial to a wide range of people of varying financial status to have an estate plan. For instance, if you have children, knowing how and when your wealth passes to them, and the types of trusts or inheritance structures, is not just a luxury but is essential for a smooth transition. By hiring an attorney who is accomplished in estate planning services will make the process smoother for you and your family.

Estate Planning

Having an extensive estate and maximizing your wealth transfer to future generations requires more unusual structures for your trusts or the ownership of your business.  This more extensive planning process requires expert attorneys who will ensure you benefit from essential estate planning services. The accomplished lawyers at Palmieri Tyler will work with you to ensure the best estate plan for you. Your goals directly impact how our attorneys plan your estate. For those individuals with a high net-worth, you may have specific plans for your philanthropic goals or other special circumstances.

We work to ensure these goals, such as planning the succession of your company's leadership. Your estate plan will also address how to make sure you and any other family members who need it, can access high-quality long-term care for as long as they need it. Call us today. Peace of mind for your future starts with excellent estate planning attorneys.