Having a solid estate plan is crucial but estate plans are only successful if they are properly carried out. At Palmieri Tyler, our estate planning and administration attorneys in Orange County are skilled in overseeing the implementation of estate plans through trust organization and administration, probate administration, and trust and probate litigation. Further, our estate planning attorneys provide post-mortem support by preparing federal and state estate tax returns while also aiding through any Internal Revenue Service audits.

Creating an extensive estate plan is a great first step, however your heirs will need guidance and assistance through the trust distribution process following your death. They will also be responsible for filing tax returns, documenting all distributions correctly, and responding to IRS inquiries. These requirements can create stress during a time that is already difficult for the family members involved. Let our trustworthy team of estate planning and administration attorneys guide your family through the probate or trust administration process, working on your behalf to make the legal system clear and your decision-making easier.

As part of Palmieri Tyler’s estate planning and administration services, our experienced attorneys advise trustees of their rights and responsibilities, offering them the assistance needed to adjust to their roles. We can explain trust-related legal terminology as well as assist with delivering required notices or understanding complex provisions in the trust.

Tasks you might not consider, such as gathering, evaluating, and liquidating property, are also areas in which our attorneys are experienced so we can help your selected trustees work through all necessary steps. At Palmieri Tyler we can also help create clarity to avoid or resolve any disputes that may arise related to your trust. Working with an estate administration attorney who is well-versed in trusts can help your family move forward. Call Palmieri Tyler today to get in touch with the best estate planning and administrative attorneys in Orange County, California.