Palmieri Tyler’s wealth preservation and estate planning department have extensive experience protecting and preserving clients’ wealth for their current needs as well as for future generations. Our family estate planning lawyers combine strategies such as irrevocable trusts, family partnerships, family limited liability companies and life insurance trusts with income, estate and gift tax considerations in order to maximize asset value from generation to generation while minimizing related transfer taxes. In addition, we can assist with business succession planning for family-owned companies and holdings.

Family Estate Planning - Legacy

Family estate planning or managing the transition of your family’s wealth to the next generation is one of the key elements of creating a legacy. Another option is planning your estate with a charitable donation in mind for your assets.  Either of these options require an experienced trust attorney, of which Palmieri Tyler has many. Placing your assets into various companies, different types of trusts, and other entities helps to keep your money working for you while minimizing the tax burden on your family and the amount of uninvested capital.

As experienced family estate planning and trust attorneys in Orange County, CA , Palmieri Tyler recognizes that you will need to be able to have easy access to your wealth for any current needs or interests that may arise, while being able to plan on passing some of your wealth to future generations.  Palmieri Tyler’s experienced attorneys will work with you to find the right way to meet your financial goals, while ensuring future generations can also achieve theirs.

Whether your family estate planning needs include arranging succession choices for your company or counseling your family on how to write prenuptial agreements, our knowledgeable team of attorneys has the diversity of experience to help make your family's wealth go farther.  Call today for a consultation and prepare to have a powerful impact on your financial security while keeping yours and future generations finances secure.