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Estate and Trust Administration

Having a solid estate plan is crucial, but estate plans must also later be properly carried out by your selected representatives. Your heirs will need guidance and assistance through the administration process. For example, they will be responsible for filing tax returns, documenting distributions correctly, fulfilling fiduciary duties, and responding to IRS inquiries. At Palmieri Tyler, our estate planning and administration attorneys are skilled in all aspects of overseeing the implementation of estate plans, including through administration, in litigation if that becomes necessary, and in preparing federal and state estate tax returns. As part of Palmieri Tyler’s estate and trust administration services, we:

  • Advise the decedent’s representatives of their rights and responsibilities
  • Assist in gathering, evaluating and liquidating assets
  • Counsel fiduciaries, including professional fiduciaries and individuals alike
  • Represent clients in litigation and other probate proceedings
  • Assist with necessary notices and other administration documents
  • Prepare estate tax returns
  • Compile required estate accountings
  • Respond to IRS inquiries