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Land Use & Zoning

Due to a complex layering of federal, state and local laws and regulations governing the development of real property in California, it takes specialized knowledge to shepherd a project from concept to completion. Property owners and developers must address land use and zoning considerations from the earliest stages of their development efforts, and they must take a comprehensive approach in order to ensure that oversights do not grind their projects to a standstill. 

At Palmieri Tyler, we help make sure our clients are able to move forward on time and on budget by assisting with all aspects of land use and zoning compliance.  The services we provide to property owners, developers and other clients throughout California include:

  • Assessment of land use and zoning considerations during pre-acquisition and pre-contract due diligence
  • Compliance with the Environmental Protection Act, California Environmental Quality Act, and other pertinent federal and state statutes
  • Compliance with local land use and zoning ordinances
  • Representation before the federal Environmental Protection Agency, California Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal and state authorities
  • Representation before local zoning boards and other administrative offices
  • Representation for litigation involving land use and zoning denials