Franchise Business, Agreement, and Litigation Attorneys in Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County , CA

Franchising can offer a lot of excellent advantages in terms of proven marketability. As with any hospitality business, there are legal issues to resolve in franchising your business or opening a franchise yourself. Palmieri Tyler is here to help you with comprehensive legal assistance for your hospitality law challenges as they relate to franchising a business.

Whether it is your own business you are expanding or if you are purchasing a franchise to launch, we understand that you need alcoholic beverage compliance, liquor licenses, advice on a variety of employment-related issues, and much more. Our experience working with franchising clients who have major brand names in the hospitality industry speaks to our ability to help you work through the legal process, making sound choices that also keep your business fully compliant with local, state, and federal law.

We also can be of assistance during the sale of franchises, and since hospitality companies also frequently require a lease, purchase, or sale of real estate, we can advise you on that as well. Consider Palmieri Tyler your trusted resource for hospitality and franchising law here in Orange County, CA. We empower our clients to understand where their choices are taking them while helping them move through complicated processes like entity structuring, business formation, and even commercial financing.

When you embark on a franchising endeavor in the hospitality sector, you take on risks and opportunities at every turn. Let Palmieri Tyler help you face and manage the risks while you take advantage of opportunities through a clear understanding of the benefits of your franchise agreements. We work to understand your vision of the franchise, how you want to grow, and what legal situations may arise in your near-term and long-term future. From there, we help you achieve your goals by providing you with information on your options at each step along the way. Call us today at 949-851-9400 to get started.