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Business Formation

Whether you are spinning off a product line or starting a business, one of the first legal steps in the process is the formation of a new business entity. When forming a new business entity for any purpose, there are several important considerations involved, and making the right decisions upfront can be critical to avoiding substantial costs and unnecessary legal challenges down the line.

At Palmieri Tyler, we help our clients choose wisely when forming new business entities. We represent companies and entrepreneurs in all aspects of business formation, including:

  • Choice of business entity
  • Choice of jurisdiction for entity formation
  • Preparation of all requisite business entity filings
  • Drafting and negotiation of partner, shareholder and member agreements
  • Establishment of share classes and associated ownership and control rights
  • Preparation of board meeting notes and resolutions
  • Owner equity contributions, distributions and other financial matters
  • Debt financing and venture capital investments
  • Entity-related tax matters
  • Establishment of subsidiary and affiliate entities